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Specification of the Super 7 lathe
This Super 7 machine is a fully refurbished machine which will be made to your specification,

Metric or imperial,

What colour you require Grey, Green or Aqua,

This is a basic model and comes as the perfect starter lathe we have designed it this way so you can add too it what you need too so for example the power cross feed unit can be added or a gearbox or both.

It will come as you see it in the picture in the colour you require so if you need chucks or any other tooling at the time of ordering please let me know and we can work the price out for what you needs are.

Comes with tailstock, cross and top slide (in metric or imperial) as standard on the machine then you can build what you want from there.

As these lathes are fully refurbsihed. We can also add or remove bits from the lathe to make it perfect for you. If you have any more questions, please call the shop on 01422 885766 and ask to speak to Chris Melvin.

£2495.00 + VAT

This machine can be sent anywhere in the world. Please contact us for a shipping quote, or let us know if you would like to arrange collection from our showroom.

Please check out the previous page as this will show you what we do to refurbish a machine step by step.
Super 7 Front View