PRESTO 1.0 - 13mm 'HI-NOX' HSS DRILL SET (25PC) 09502M25

Ref: 2517
PRESTO 1.0 - 13mm 'HI-NOX' HSS DRILL SET (25PC)  09502M25
Sizes in 0.5mm increments
Hi-Nox is designed to be used on Austenitic Stainless Steel (Hard Steels)
New Geometry (130 degree point cuts Austenitic Stainless Steel)
Short Flute (Gives maximum rigidity)
Quick Spiral (Gives improved cutting action and swarf control)
Reduced Web Point (Resists work hardening and improves penetration)
Heavier web thickness (withstands high feed rates)
Improved point design (permits 2-3 regrinds without special point thinning)
A Precision top quality set direct from Presto Sheffield
(BS328 Din 338)
Std Helix, Jobber drills
code 09502M25
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