Our Refurbishment Process

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Our refurbishment process

This section of our website shows a selection of refurbished Myford lathes we have for sale. Many companies that sell refurbished Myford lathes will use phrases such as 'original' or 'refurbished', but this generally means that the lathes have been stripped down, painted, cleaned and then reassembled. To us, this does not qualify as a refurbished machine, as there will still be 20 - 30 years of wear. Our machines are refurbished from the bottom up;

-All beds are reground and saddles refitted. (normally £550 + VAT)

-The gearboxes and power feed units are completely stripped down, and any worn parts are replaced with brand new parts.

-The headstock bearings and tailstock barrels are replaced. (normally £165 + VAT). The front headstock bearing is also rescraped by hand.

-The cross slide and top slide feedscrews and nuts are replaced, along with the micrometer dials and ball handles. (normally £195 + VAT)

-The saddle and cross slide is reground, and in some cases, the main leadscrew and leadscrew half nuts are replaced. (saddle/cross slide regrind should be £95 + VAT, and leadscrew/half nuts should be £200 + VAT)

-New vee belts are fitted. (normally £14.50 + VAT)

-Brand new motor and reversing switch (already wired up by our electrician) are added to the lathe. (normally around £495 + VAT)

-All machines are then repainted and new nameplates are fitted

-Lathes are put onto a brand new cabinet, with new raising blocks and a new drip tray (normally £535 + VAT)

-Included is a brand new Pratt Burnerd 100mm 3 jaw chuck, fitted to a backplate, ready to put straight on to the lathe (normally £219 + VAT)

-Lathes come fitted with brand new Dixon style quick change toolpost set (normally £110 + VAT)

We also look for any worn parts that need replacing throughout this process (for example, some lathes might need the pulleys or backgears replacing), to bring the machines up to the standard that they were when they first left our factory. These refurbished lathes will last a lifetime, if not longer!

As you can see, all of our lathes are refubished to a very high standard, and they all come with a 1 year parts guarantee.

Please look at the specific listings to see if anything else was done to refurbish those particular lathes, and to see which accessories are included in the price

We can also take your Super 7 lathe as a part-ex against any of our machines. Please contact us if you are interested (ask to speak to Chris) on 01422 885766. Machines can be shipped anywhere in the world, so please contact us for a shipping quote