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How can I tell if my lathe is metric or imperial?

There are 2 ways to do this. You could either check the pitch of your feedscrews (the imperial ones are 10TPI, and the metric ones have a 2mm pitch), or you can check your micrometer dials (the imperial dials go from 0 - 100, and the metric dials go from 0 - 40)

How old is my lathe?

Check the serial number of your lathe (normally found stamped on to the back of the bed, at the tailstock end of the lathe) and find it in our table here

How do I align my Super 7 spindle?

How do I align my Super 7 spindle?

1. Loosen split collar and the 2 'C' nuts.

2. Holding the bull wheel or pulley, tighten the split collar by hand. NB there should be should be a visible scribed line marked on the spindle, which should line up with the split in the collar when new. It is likely there might be some small movement due to wear.

3. Tighten NUT B carefully with a C spanner, until the spindle has become stiff, with a jerky motion, but can still be moved by hand.

4. Tighten NUT A fully, and hit home gently with a soft faced hammer. The spindle should now turn smoothly yet freely, but still be very slightly stiff.