New Myford dividing head attachment for small mill or Myford lathe with manual

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New Myford dividing head attachment for small mill or Myford lathe with manual
Complex dividing head, comes with 3 plates
"In this design, consideration has been given not only to the wide range of possible uses of the Versatile Dividing Head but also to the simplification of construction. In this context it may be mentioned that this dividing head generates its own division plates to a very high order of accuracy.

Simple Dividing is by means of a spring loaded plunger engaging any of the 24 holes in the face of the main wheel. Squares, hexagons, keyway cutting and tap fluting will probably be done by this method.

Conventional Dividing is by means of the usual worm and division plate, which now replaces the spring loaded plunger. Both this and the plunger are mounted on a banjo which can be swung around the main casting to the most convenient operating position. The two division plates will allow most divisions used, including angular spacing, to be obtained.

Prime numbers or indeed any possible division outside the range of the two plates are indexed by means of the "Micro-Attachment" giving capabilities down to 1/100th of a degree! Thus a second worm and wheel are attached under the division plate, allowing calculated manual rotation of the division plate, by means of the calibrated knob at the end of the worm shaft. This rotation or correction is done at each step of the dividing."

This unit is a 24 hole indexing unit,with a 2-1/16" center hight,nose is threaded

same as myford lathe so will allow mounting of myford chucks and attachments.

worm ratio 60-1

Bore is 2mt and will allow center to center work with tailstock.

Base hole centers will allow mounting on Myford vertical slide or cross slide

Base plate is removable to allow fitting to milling machine

3 dividing plates included to give all prime numbers

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